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By matter - July 6th, 2010, 15:04, Category: General

WOW GOLD-This will not be a Full-blown Of course, there really is not much that can impress most people in this game anymore. People have earned 3000 arena ratings about WoW Gold, rank 1 arena titles across 4 seasons of arena, world first raid boss kills on what was deemed "mathematically impossible," players reaching the gold cap, and even more recently, some nerd earning over 10,000 achievement points.
However, I was given the opportunity to present to everyone what I found truly remarkable and also something I had never seen done before: a brother and sister duo that earned gladiator together in season 5 and are on pace to again in season 6 to get World of Warcraft Gold. Nevertheless, I did have specific questions that myself and I would imagine the public would like to see answered by these two. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to them surprisingly through an Anion player (great weekend event this weekend in the Abyss and such btw) and had some time to not only get their answers to questions about WoW Gold, but also snag a few pictures, as well.
Although they prefer to have their player and team armory links left anonymous due to privacy concerns, they currently play priest/rogue with Andy playing the mutilate rogue and Gina playing as a discipline priest. With the slow pace as mentioned before it was a very useful Plate Heat Exchangertool to get cheapest WoW Gold. Deadly brew is a major reason why mut was so good. Has anyone tried going anything but mut and actually kept someone in place, doubtful. Waylan and the combat dazes are so bad it is hilarious. Deadly brew should be a skill but maybe toned down so one cannot have one of every poison about WoW Gold. Or another solution would be to have shiv turn into hamstring or wingclip in the aspect that it gens no cps, does no damage and is 5 energy or something.
If you think about it every other melee class has an effective snare disregarding Deadly brew of course.You can also buy some items that are present at low prices at the auction house and resell them at the right time or place. Enchanting the items before selling will also increase the price of the items. You can get more Nathrezim gold for them then plain items. Getting Nathrezim gold might be a hard task if you are beginner but as you get to higher levels you will master the art of selling items the correct way at the auction houses and will be able to earn more gold than the other players of the game.
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