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Cost Truth

By matter - November 30th, 2009, 15:30, Category: General

Cost  Truth
The childhood "  The truth " :

We have gone through a lot of things
So we want to tell you
Don't take the same road with us
We think in this way

It is sacrificial not to have  Have not got
Get a certain thing and must be paid with its equal cost
This is a equal value exchange principle of alchemy
This is a truth for waiting us at that time


Everything will not crown people's wishes
Because world is incomplete

You have been travelling
Person met in travel  Things seen
Agony received tasted  Efforts made
All these experiences
Those are not exactly the cost that you pay

It is not a truth:

Continue  The little baby will die
It is really easy to kill him
Does that child emerge in order to die is it possible that
That child does not exhaust it hard too
Pay a price in order to survive
Whether but what he obtains or death

Another side
Someone can live on in degradation in generation while killing
No matter how people want to store and live on hard
Die while coming constantly
Never make hard with those
But the rich palm authority of life
The happy person compares in all one's life
Is not this very unfair

This world is extremely cruel
But beauty but

Stop your sophistry

Equal value exchange
That but the weak are used for comforting one's own excuse
So long as pay a price
Oneself can be happier

Preach that this child does not need your coming

Deserve to be called the father and son

Will you too go back

I can not go back
My human body has already crossed that door
The world here is unable to use alchemy
But you have a chance

I will help you

I decide to die in this world with this pair of body
With the looks such as this face that Trisha loves deeply
When I know the equal value exchange is not a truth
Have really let out a sigh of relief
Obtain and needn't pay a price
Parents love children
There are no cost or remuneration and so on
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