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15 kinds of common food

By matter - November 30th, 2009, 16:20, Category: General

15 kinds of common food of revealed secrets
1,The almond benefits the brain

The Vitamin E contained in the almond, can delay the old and feeble problem of the brain caused by age effectively. It is enough to generally absorb two ounces every day. The scientist still thinks, the almond chocolate is beneficial to the brain, the psychological reason can't be ignored either. Feel anxious, when melancholy or mood is not good, it is undoubtedly small loving and bonus to oneself to eat several almonds.

2,Fuzzy and green vegetables of sight

So long as eyes are opened, it is possible to infect at any time. Green vegetables can supplement enough one anti-oxidantly and plainly, so can protect the health of eyes, let eyes avoid external infringement. So might as well be more green vegetables of the dining table of every day, for example celery, cucumber,etc. all benefit the health.

3,The fish treat asthma

The newest finding: Eating more fish can moisten the lung, enrich the lung, thus relieve symptom of asthma. This is because contain the abundant magnesium element in the fish, no wonder doctors of the emergency ward are all by including the magnesium medicine to treat the asthma patient. For suffering from the patient of the serious asthma, the doctor proposes: You had better guarantee to eat the fish of or other seafood food at least in the daily breakfast,lunch and dinner. In addition, in green vegetables, the spinach has the same efficiency too.

4,Vegetables and arthritis

The experiment that the scientist of Greece does recently shows: The more green vegetables eat, the smaller the possibility to suffer from arthritis is. This is a conclusion drawn in the test which a scientist carries on to 330 people. Moreover love people old age to take vegetables suffer from possibility of arthritis to like, take vegetables 1/4 of people. So, for the healthy skeleton, must not forget to increase extra some on the dining table green.

5,The tooth bleeds and grapefruit

Gingivae inflammation is the thing making people worried, but once meeting this kind of situation needn't worry either, because gingivae inflammation whether body lack symptom of vitamin C actually, to SOS that you find health of you, remind you to supplement vitamins. It will all be very helpful to eat fruits with abundant vitamin C such as some grapefruits, lemons, kiwi fruits,etc. at this moment, especially the grapefruit, the result gets instant result especially. So, so long as get used to insisting on eating a grapefruit every day, will help you to solve the problem of gingivae inflammation.

6,Drink more water muddily in tone

As to the person who often needs social activity to treat with courtesy, the tone is muddy but the biggest one is resented. Chinese medicine is thought halitosis and stomach fire to have relations greatly, so, treat halitosis besides paying attention to brushing teeth in morning and evening of every day, arrange your recipe rationally.

Another easy method can let you get rid of this trouble making the person awkward too, drink more fresh water as much as possible every day. This method has also supplemented the necessary moisture of every day of body while treating halitosis, one may well say that kills two birds with one stone. Science discovers: The reason not fresh of the tone is that there is a kind of material which calls the sulfur in the mouth, let it disappear as soon as possible, drink more water and solve every day.

7,Four limbs are weak and banana

It is a good thing to love sports, but should pay attention to " degree " Assurance,because it is the weak all over since it will cause excessively sport. The health discharges a large number of sweat liquid at the time of sports, a lot of minerals are discharged with the sweat outside the body too, it is mainly potassium and sodium two kinds of elements. Receive in the body "  The stock " Quantity is relatively great, and receive easier to be supplemented from the food; But there are less potassium elements in internal content, so the supplementary food which contains the abundant potassium element is very essential after sports. The banana is rich in the potassium element, supplement the potassium most ideal choice. So must not forget to take a few bananas to oneself before going to the gymnasium next time.

8,Drunk and tomato

It is really a trouble to be drunk, it is only that vomiting overturning rivers and seas is enough to make people bad. Vomiting after being drunk forget oneself very much, will cause internal potassium, calcium, sodium to run off in a large amount element, drunk must supplement nutrients such as the potassium, calcium, sodium,etc. in time after vomiting. The easiest method is to drink some tomato juices, because abundant potassium, calcium, sodium composition just supplement the deficiency of the internal loss element in the juice of the tomato.

9,Hiccup and the candy

Hiccup treating, people have a lot of folk prescription, effective method frighten him when being surprise most at present, but if so can't stop hiccupping, one does not get instant result and is proved very effective method here; A spoon of sugar puts under the tongue to can try. The science of this kind of method does not explain very clear, some doctors explain, the candy can stimulate the nerve of the side behind the throat, and once the nerve is received amazingly, it will cut off the internal neural signal, among them include causing that nerve hiccupping too.

10,Depilate and beef

If eating the beef can treat the baldhead, it is believed that most people are sure to be greatly surprised. But discover through science: The beef really has this efficiency. If you do not think of it so at a young age as to become "  The locality surrounds the central authorities "  ,Must not forget to eat some thin beef while having a meal each time. Science proves: Even the person who often eats the thin beef can't totally promise to solve the problem of depilating, can delay the arrival of this day at least.

11,Men are sterile with the both refined and coarse grains

Folic acid is a kind of vitamin that the woman must supplement before making mother, because it is favorable to the health of baby's nervous system. Men actually need to supplement folic acid too, because the latest investigation result reveals: It relates to the fact that internal folic acid is scarce too that the male sperm's content is low, because folic acid can help the formation of DNA. What let people not expect is, it is to eat more coarse food grain to supplement the folic acid simplest and directest route. Because the sour content is very high in both refined and coarse grains middle period. So for want married couple to become parents, supplement folic acid couple two thing of people.

12,The skin is livid purple and cauliflower

Once some people's skin will make black and blue when receiving small collision and injury, this is because lack vitamin (especially koagulation vitamin) in the body Cause. The best route to supplement koagulation vitamin is to eat more cauliflower, according to investigation, will make the blood vessel wall thicken, strengthen to eat several cauliflower every week, and not apt to break.

13,Cold and garlic

As you begin to feel the throat is uncomfortable, when the snivel can not begin obediently, the omen of cold. For not allowing influenza virus to attack your health extensively, the virus that can help you not to totally break out is strangled in the cradle to take some garlics at once. Why does the garlic have so magical efficiency? This is because contain the abundant antiviral composition in the garlic, will strengthen immunity of the body. So, when changing according to the season, eat more garlicsing will help you to deal with cold.

14,Heart disease and apple juice

The apple is in all fruits "  The public praise " The best, and is suitable for different ages, different and physical persons. Recently, the scientist finds another advantage of the apple again: Often drink the ill rate that the apple juice will lower heart disease. They draw the conclusion after being to the test which 24 men and women carry on: Cholesterol is divided "  It is good " With " bad " Two kinds, drinking more apple juice can be made " bad " Vascular time is later than the normal situation that cholesterol is blocked, and " bad " Cholesterol blocks vascular time the longer the greater the probability that means suffering from heart disease is. So, that sentence in the west proverb: " an apple of every day, doctors are far away from me " Just have it according to seeking.

15,Toothache and tea

Tea has already as everyone knows benefited the health, the scientist found another advantage of the tea recently, i.e.: The tea has function of protecting teeth. Contain compositions such as abundant Fluorine and much phenol of tea,etc. in the tea, can be so as to defend the efficiency of the firm tooth of decayed tooth. So, can keep oral hygiene to gargle with the tea after a meal. In addition, while the moist oral cavity of chemical reaction take place in compositions such as the candy in the tea, pectin,etc. and saliva, clean ability of since the ones that have also strengthened buccally. 
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