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will forget

By matter - March 6th, 2009, 14:47, Category: General

Drunk, will forget.
Pursuing  .....
This kind is helpless, perplexed, wander up and down the mood ripple again, like the Arctic dust, flutter lonelily, like the snow in winter, it is unable to free in those a thousand chi halls of China wrappeds. Keep at body making people get drunk with breath while being beautiful while being such, can burn those quiet mood of oneself with the extreme wine?
Have changed? Cover up in the mask very beautifully, the cold and detached expression in one's eyes has been buried, supercilious smile, I wonder when to go far! Is forced by life, do efforts wander up and down or one's own heart is attentive when dies? Do not understand! There are too much ones that should face, walk very lonelily, however, remain too much care and responsibility on one's body, recall that gives repeated exhortations, the tear is that the unprincipled landing comes down, perhaps a lot of things can't be forgiven at will, there am not luxurious and too much I!
Will it be the life bleeding? Take in the cavity it cannot help but, work hard and struggle. I do not know how I should face, very afraid of seeing the number of the family reveals in the mobile phone each time, I do not escape not even sinking into, but is fearing! Perhaps, to the family, care for a lot! The heart is very painful! I am powerless. Wonder what I am doing, the state of mind is in a mess. A blank of brain, will face, I will not still know how to face!
Escaping? I don't know, the heart is messy, it is indefinite to sway, did not know that corner can stop.
Still pursue   The heart will be calm, this quarter, is everybody busy? Do not know well, want very much!  HTML clipboardflowershow Leave away silently, will be very beautiful too.
Burn oneself with the wine, anaesthetize, wake up everything can be forgotten
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