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March 2009

will forget

By matter - March 6th, 2009, 14:47, Category: General

Drunk, will forget.
Pursuing  .....
This kind is helpless, perplexed, wander up and down the mood ripple again, like the Arctic dust, flutter lonelily, like the snow in winter, it is unable to free in those a thousand chi halls of China wrappeds. Keep at body making people get drunk with breath while being beautiful while being such, can burn those quiet mood of oneself with the extreme wine?
Have changed? Cover up in the mask very beautifully, the cold and detached expression in one's eyes has been buried, supercilious smile, I wonder when to go far! Is forced by life, do efforts wander up and down or one's own heart is attentive when dies? Do not understand! There are too much ones that should face, walk very lonelily, however, remain too much care and responsibility on one's body, recall that gives repeated exhortations, the tear is that the unprincipled landing comes down, perhaps a lot of things can't be forgiven at will, there am not luxurious and too much I!
Will it be the life bleeding? Take in the cavity it cannot help but, work hard and struggle. I do not know how I should face, very afraid of seeing the number of the family reveals in the mobile phone each time, I do not escape not even sinking into, but is fearing! Perhaps, to the family, care for a lot! The heart is very painful! I am powerless. Wonder what I am doing, the state of mind is in a mess. A blank of brain, will face, I will not still know how to face!
Escaping? I don't know, the heart is messy, it is indefinite to sway, did not know that corner can stop.
Still pursue   The heart will be calm, this quarter, is everybody busy? Do not know well, want very much!  HTML clipboardflowershow Leave away silently, will be very beautiful too.
Burn oneself with the wine, anaesthetize, wake up everything can be forgotten
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Do not sleep tonight

By matter - March 6th, 2009, 14:16, Category: General

Do not sleep tonight
It is very late at night, but difficult to go to sleep, in the usual course, turn on the computer, see the film. Afraid of influencing her mother and daughter having a rest in another bedroom, I wear the earphone. I like watching the film, the war, the disaster, documentary film, also watching some South Korea only beautiful feeling color films once in a while. The computer is just on the bedside, only needs to adjust the angle of the screen, the comfortable appreciating in the quilt can lie. It is good tonight, search out the gun battle movie " 2 of person who punish " of one U.S.A..
Does not I wonder what ground it is, always feel little something tonight, the scene of eating while seeing the film slobbers. This is just amazed by and realized, hungry. Hey, it is so late to have no people to serve, can only touch it by oneself. Fortunately have steamed buns, and the salted vegetables. A bowl is to steam the familiar salty turnip cherry son, a bowl steams well done salty turnip one. The salted vegetables are my favorite. Take the turnip cherry son of after autumn, clean, pickle it in the salted vegetables jar, pull out in the coming year, wash clearly twice, cut small section, mix a little more chopped scallions, hold it in the bowl, water and order the familiar vegetable oil, put and steam and is familiar with in the pan, offer the pan, drench a little more sesame oil, the dark green dish leaf is under the function of the oil, oil dark and shiny, one unique fragrance assail the nostrils, see right away enough to make you slaver over 1 just. Cut the salty turnip pair and then, set free into the bowl, fought last egg, mixed thoroughly, concocted in accordance with the above-mentioned crafts. Remember as a child, as soon as mother steamed the steamed bun each time, mother got a bowl of such salted vegetables, I like choosing turnip one stained with the egg most, in the extremely deficient time of that material, can also eat with relish, always enjoy. Whenever eat it now, remembers that happy childhood, and that warm era. Taking the delicious food, and is appreciating the film, very satisfied feeling. Have had enough, the bowls and chopsticks, the cup is put on the computer desk. In fact, when I surfed the Net or watched the TV, the bottle bottle pot in front of being the disagreeable, mixed thing, do front whom sight sweep around clean always, the exception of tonight, does not bother to move. Has turned off the light, around very pitch-dark, there is only flashing picture of screens, much cleaner on the vision, Haha, another good intention.
Eat and drink to one's heart's content, the comfortable one lies down, the even more excellent scene is difficult to resist the enticement of fond dream, feel soon the eyelid is like irritating the lead. Lean to one side at once, push, start key take 4 second only, can shut down, belong to legal to shut down too. Have no way, is afraid that shut down normallies, not tired as time goes by. Wrap up in, have quilt, select pieces of best posture, take, can settle 3 minute only. The ignorant one has fallen asleep, but not unoccupied, unexpectedly appear in the scene of the gunplay, chased into a blind alley by a gang of gangsters holding a gun, at critical moment, a herd of ravenous wolves bring from behind the gangster, they holding in the mouth naping to live in gangster ferocious, suffocate them, approach to me step by step thereafter. Just take off the tiger's mouth, meet wolf's cave again. Whether I am rich in the adventurous spirit, why always put oneself in the dangerous condition. Retreat while thinking. Suddenly, evil wolf soar, jump up, open blood basin old mouth fly at me, I can see clearly wolf corner of the mouth blood of gangster under of dripping nearly. I wake suddenly, have turned over a body, it seems that it is apt to dream to lie prone to sleep, apt to have horrible nightmares.

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