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By matter - July 6th, 2010, 15:04, Category: General

WOW GOLD-This will not be a Full-blown Of course, there really is not much that can impress most people in this game anymore. People have earned 3000 arena ratings about WoW Gold, rank 1 arena titles across 4 seasons of arena, world first raid boss kills on what was deemed "mathematically impossible," players reaching the gold cap, and even more recently, some nerd earning over 10,000 achievement points.
However, I was given the opportunity to present to everyone what I found truly remarkable and also something I had never seen done before: a brother and sister duo that earned gladiator together in season 5 and are on pace to again in season 6 to get World of Warcraft Gold. Nevertheless, I did have specific questions that myself and I would imagine the public would like to see answered by these two. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to them surprisingly through an Anion player (great weekend event this weekend in the Abyss and such btw) and had some time to not only get their answers to questions about WoW Gold, but also snag a few pictures, as well.
Although they prefer to have their player and team armory links left anonymous due to privacy concerns, they currently play priest/rogue with Andy playing the mutilate rogue and Gina playing as a discipline priest. With the slow pace as mentioned before it was a very useful Plate Heat Exchangertool to get cheapest WoW Gold. Deadly brew is a major reason why mut was so good. Has anyone tried going anything but mut and actually kept someone in place, doubtful. Waylan and the combat dazes are so bad it is hilarious. Deadly brew should be a skill but maybe toned down so one cannot have one of every poison about WoW Gold. Or another solution would be to have shiv turn into hamstring or wingclip in the aspect that it gens no cps, does no damage and is 5 energy or something.
If you think about it every other melee class has an effective snare disregarding Deadly brew of course.You can also buy some items that are present at low prices at the auction house and resell them at the right time or place. Enchanting the items before selling will also increase the price of the items. You can get more Nathrezim gold for them then plain items. Getting Nathrezim gold might be a hard task if you are beginner but as you get to higher levels you will master the art of selling items the correct way at the auction houses and will be able to earn more gold than the other players of the game.
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to combat deadly virus

By matter - June 3rd, 2010, 22:47, Category: General

A 12-year-old Australian girl and her mother are the first people to try an experimental treatment for a deadly virus after the girl's horse died from the infection, researchers said on Friday.

The virus, called Hendra virus, emerged in Australia in the 1990s and can kill up to 75 percent of people infected.

Christopher Broder of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in the United States, and colleagues sent the treatment, an engineered version of a human immune system protein, to the girl after hearing about the viral outbreak.

Australian media said the girl and her mother took the first doses of the drug on Thursday.

"There was an outbreak last week in a horse in Australia," said Thomas Geisbert of Boston University, who works with the team that developed the treatment. "We have a monoclonal antibody that we have used in the lab."

The antibody was developed to work against the closely related Nipah virus.

Hendra and Nipah viruses are carried by a type of fruit bat commonly called flying foxes.

The viruses can cause brain swelling and acute respiratory illness.

The monoclonal antibody attaches to the virus and helps neutralize it. Until this week it had only been tested in animals, but kept them from becoming ill after they were infected with Nipah.

Geisbert and Australian media said the girl and her mother were not sick but had been in close contact with the horse.

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15 kinds of common food

By matter - November 30th, 2009, 16:20, Category: General

15 kinds of common food of revealed secrets
1,The almond benefits the brain

The Vitamin E contained in the almond, can delay the old and feeble problem of the brain caused by age effectively. It is enough to generally absorb two ounces every day. The scientist still thinks, the almond chocolate is beneficial to the brain, the psychological reason can't be ignored either. Feel anxious, when melancholy or mood is not good, it is undoubtedly small loving and bonus to oneself to eat several almonds.

2,Fuzzy and green vegetables of sight

So long as eyes are opened, it is possible to infect at any time. Green vegetables can supplement enough one anti-oxidantly and plainly, so can protect the health of eyes, let eyes avoid external infringement. So might as well be more green vegetables of the dining table of every day, for example celery, cucumber,etc. all benefit the health.

3,The fish treat asthma

The newest finding: Eating more fish can moisten the lung, enrich the lung, thus relieve symptom of asthma. This is because contain the abundant magnesium element in the fish, no wonder doctors of the emergency ward are all by including the magnesium medicine to treat the asthma patient. For suffering from the patient of the serious asthma, the doctor proposes: You had better guarantee to eat the fish of or other seafood food at least in the daily breakfast,lunch and dinner. In addition, in green vegetables, the spinach has the same efficiency too.

4,Vegetables and arthritis

The experiment that the scientist of Greece does recently shows: The more green vegetables eat, the smaller the possibility to suffer from arthritis is. This is a conclusion drawn in the test which a scientist carries on to 330 people. Moreover love people old age to take vegetables suffer from possibility of arthritis to like, take vegetables 1/4 of people. So, for the healthy skeleton, must not forget to increase extra some on the dining table green.

5,The tooth bleeds and grapefruit

Gingivae inflammation is the thing making people worried, but once meeting this kind of situation needn't worry either, because gingivae inflammation whether body lack symptom of vitamin C actually, to SOS that you find health of you, remind you to supplement vitamins. It will all be very helpful to eat fruits with abundant vitamin C such as some grapefruits, lemons, kiwi fruits,etc. at this moment, especially the grapefruit, the result gets instant result especially. So, so long as get used to insisting on eating a grapefruit every day, will help you to solve the problem of gingivae inflammation.

6,Drink more water muddily in tone

As to the person who often needs social activity to treat with courtesy, the tone is muddy but the biggest one is resented. Chinese medicine is thought halitosis and stomach fire to have relations greatly, so, treat halitosis besides paying attention to brushing teeth in morning and evening of every day, arrange your recipe rationally.

Another easy method can let you get rid of this trouble making the person awkward too, drink more fresh water as much as possible every day. This method has also supplemented the necessary moisture of every day of body while treating halitosis, one may well say that kills two birds with one stone. Science discovers: The reason not fresh of the tone is that there is a kind of material which calls the sulfur in the mouth, let it disappear as soon as possible, drink more water and solve every day.

7,Four limbs are weak and banana

It is a good thing to love sports, but should pay attention to " degree " Assurance,because it is the weak all over since it will cause excessively sport. The health discharges a large number of sweat liquid at the time of sports, a lot of minerals are discharged with the sweat outside the body too, it is mainly potassium and sodium two kinds of elements. Receive in the body "  The stock " Quantity is relatively great, and receive easier to be supplemented from the food; But there are less potassium elements in internal content, so the supplementary food which contains the abundant potassium element is very essential after sports. The banana is rich in the potassium element, supplement the potassium most ideal choice. So must not forget to take a few bananas to oneself before going to the gymnasium next time.

8,Drunk and tomato

It is really a trouble to be drunk, it is only that vomiting overturning rivers and seas is enough to make people bad. Vomiting after being drunk forget oneself very much, will cause internal potassium, calcium, sodium to run off in a large amount element, drunk must supplement nutrients such as the potassium, calcium, sodium,etc. in time after vomiting. The easiest method is to drink some tomato juices, because abundant potassium, calcium, sodium composition just supplement the deficiency of the internal loss element in the juice of the tomato.

9,Hiccup and the candy

Hiccup treating, people have a lot of folk prescription, effective method frighten him when being surprise most at present, but if so can't stop hiccupping, one does not get instant result and is proved very effective method here; A spoon of sugar puts under the tongue to can try. The science of this kind of method does not explain very clear, some doctors explain, the candy can stimulate the nerve of the side behind the throat, and once the nerve is received amazingly, it will cut off the internal neural signal, among them include causing that nerve hiccupping too.

10,Depilate and beef

If eating the beef can treat the baldhead, it is believed that most people are sure to be greatly surprised. But discover through science: The beef really has this efficiency. If you do not think of it so at a young age as to become "  The locality surrounds the central authorities "  ,Must not forget to eat some thin beef while having a meal each time. Science proves: Even the person who often eats the thin beef can't totally promise to solve the problem of depilating, can delay the arrival of this day at least.

11,Men are sterile with the both refined and coarse grains

Folic acid is a kind of vitamin that the woman must supplement before making mother, because it is favorable to the health of baby's nervous system. Men actually need to supplement folic acid too, because the latest investigation result reveals: It relates to the fact that internal folic acid is scarce too that the male sperm's content is low, because folic acid can help the formation of DNA. What let people not expect is, it is to eat more coarse food grain to supplement the folic acid simplest and directest route. Because the sour content is very high in both refined and coarse grains middle period. So for want married couple to become parents, supplement folic acid couple two thing of people.

12,The skin is livid purple and cauliflower

Once some people's skin will make black and blue when receiving small collision and injury, this is because lack vitamin (especially koagulation vitamin) in the body Cause. The best route to supplement koagulation vitamin is to eat more cauliflower, according to investigation, will make the blood vessel wall thicken, strengthen to eat several cauliflower every week, and not apt to break.

13,Cold and garlic

As you begin to feel the throat is uncomfortable, when the snivel can not begin obediently, the omen of cold. For not allowing influenza virus to attack your health extensively, the virus that can help you not to totally break out is strangled in the cradle to take some garlics at once. Why does the garlic have so magical efficiency? This is because contain the abundant antiviral composition in the garlic, will strengthen immunity of the body. So, when changing according to the season, eat more garlicsing will help you to deal with cold.

14,Heart disease and apple juice

The apple is in all fruits "  The public praise " The best, and is suitable for different ages, different and physical persons. Recently, the scientist finds another advantage of the apple again: Often drink the ill rate that the apple juice will lower heart disease. They draw the conclusion after being to the test which 24 men and women carry on: Cholesterol is divided "  It is good " With " bad " Two kinds, drinking more apple juice can be made " bad " Vascular time is later than the normal situation that cholesterol is blocked, and " bad " Cholesterol blocks vascular time the longer the greater the probability that means suffering from heart disease is. So, that sentence in the west proverb: " an apple of every day, doctors are far away from me " Just have it according to seeking.

15,Toothache and tea

Tea has already as everyone knows benefited the health, the scientist found another advantage of the tea recently, i.e.: The tea has function of protecting teeth. Contain compositions such as abundant Fluorine and much phenol of tea,etc. in the tea, can be so as to defend the efficiency of the firm tooth of decayed tooth. So, can keep oral hygiene to gargle with the tea after a meal. In addition, while the moist oral cavity of chemical reaction take place in compositions such as the candy in the tea, pectin,etc. and saliva, clean ability of since the ones that have also strengthened buccally. 
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Cost Truth

By matter - November 30th, 2009, 15:30, Category: General

Cost  Truth
The childhood "  The truth " :

We have gone through a lot of things
So we want to tell you
Don't take the same road with us
We think in this way

It is sacrificial not to have  Have not got
Get a certain thing and must be paid with its equal cost
This is a equal value exchange principle of alchemy
This is a truth for waiting us at that time


Everything will not crown people's wishes
Because world is incomplete

You have been travelling
Person met in travel  Things seen
Agony received tasted  Efforts made
All these experiences
Those are not exactly the cost that you pay

It is not a truth:

Continue  The little baby will die
It is really easy to kill him
Does that child emerge in order to die is it possible that
That child does not exhaust it hard too
Pay a price in order to survive
Whether but what he obtains or death

Another side
Someone can live on in degradation in generation while killing
No matter how people want to store and live on hard
Die while coming constantly
Never make hard with those
But the rich palm authority of life
The happy person compares in all one's life
Is not this very unfair

This world is extremely cruel
But beauty but

Stop your sophistry

Equal value exchange
That but the weak are used for comforting one's own excuse
So long as pay a price
Oneself can be happier

Preach that this child does not need your coming

Deserve to be called the father and son

Will you too go back

I can not go back
My human body has already crossed that door
The world here is unable to use alchemy
But you have a chance

I will help you

I decide to die in this world with this pair of body
With the looks such as this face that Trisha loves deeply
When I know the equal value exchange is not a truth
Have really let out a sigh of relief
Obtain and needn't pay a price
Parents love children
There are no cost or remuneration and so on
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will forget

By matter - March 6th, 2009, 14:47, Category: General

Drunk, will forget.
Pursuing  .....
This kind is helpless, perplexed, wander up and down the mood ripple again, like the Arctic dust, flutter lonelily, like the snow in winter, it is unable to free in those a thousand chi halls of China wrappeds. Keep at body making people get drunk with breath while being beautiful while being such, can burn those quiet mood of oneself with the extreme wine?
Have changed? Cover up in the mask very beautifully, the cold and detached expression in one's eyes has been buried, supercilious smile, I wonder when to go far! Is forced by life, do efforts wander up and down or one's own heart is attentive when dies? Do not understand! There are too much ones that should face, walk very lonelily, however, remain too much care and responsibility on one's body, recall that gives repeated exhortations, the tear is that the unprincipled landing comes down, perhaps a lot of things can't be forgiven at will, there am not luxurious and too much I!
Will it be the life bleeding? Take in the cavity it cannot help but, work hard and struggle. I do not know how I should face, very afraid of seeing the number of the family reveals in the mobile phone each time, I do not escape not even sinking into, but is fearing! Perhaps, to the family, care for a lot! The heart is very painful! I am powerless. Wonder what I am doing, the state of mind is in a mess. A blank of brain, will face, I will not still know how to face!
Escaping? I don't know, the heart is messy, it is indefinite to sway, did not know that corner can stop.
Still pursue   The heart will be calm, this quarter, is everybody busy? Do not know well, want very much!  HTML clipboardflowershow Leave away silently, will be very beautiful too.
Burn oneself with the wine, anaesthetize, wake up everything can be forgotten
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Do not sleep tonight

By matter - March 6th, 2009, 14:16, Category: General

Do not sleep tonight
It is very late at night, but difficult to go to sleep, in the usual course, turn on the computer, see the film. Afraid of influencing her mother and daughter having a rest in another bedroom, I wear the earphone. I like watching the film, the war, the disaster, documentary film, also watching some South Korea only beautiful feeling color films once in a while. The computer is just on the bedside, only needs to adjust the angle of the screen, the comfortable appreciating in the quilt can lie. It is good tonight, search out the gun battle movie " 2 of person who punish " of one U.S.A..
Does not I wonder what ground it is, always feel little something tonight, the scene of eating while seeing the film slobbers. This is just amazed by and realized, hungry. Hey, it is so late to have no people to serve, can only touch it by oneself. Fortunately have steamed buns, and the salted vegetables. A bowl is to steam the familiar salty turnip cherry son, a bowl steams well done salty turnip one. The salted vegetables are my favorite. Take the turnip cherry son of after autumn, clean, pickle it in the salted vegetables jar, pull out in the coming year, wash clearly twice, cut small section, mix a little more chopped scallions, hold it in the bowl, water and order the familiar vegetable oil, put and steam and is familiar with in the pan, offer the pan, drench a little more sesame oil, the dark green dish leaf is under the function of the oil, oil dark and shiny, one unique fragrance assail the nostrils, see right away enough to make you slaver over 1 just. Cut the salty turnip pair and then, set free into the bowl, fought last egg, mixed thoroughly, concocted in accordance with the above-mentioned crafts. Remember as a child, as soon as mother steamed the steamed bun each time, mother got a bowl of such salted vegetables, I like choosing turnip one stained with the egg most, in the extremely deficient time of that material, can also eat with relish, always enjoy. Whenever eat it now, remembers that happy childhood, and that warm era. Taking the delicious food, and is appreciating the film, very satisfied feeling. Have had enough, the bowls and chopsticks, the cup is put on the computer desk. In fact, when I surfed the Net or watched the TV, the bottle bottle pot in front of being the disagreeable, mixed thing, do front whom sight sweep around clean always, the exception of tonight, does not bother to move. Has turned off the light, around very pitch-dark, there is only flashing picture of screens, much cleaner on the vision, Haha, another good intention.
Eat and drink to one's heart's content, the comfortable one lies down, the even more excellent scene is difficult to resist the enticement of fond dream, feel soon the eyelid is like irritating the lead. Lean to one side at once, push, start key take 4 second only, can shut down, belong to legal to shut down too. Have no way, is afraid that shut down normallies, not tired as time goes by. Wrap up in, have quilt, select pieces of best posture, take, can settle 3 minute only. The ignorant one has fallen asleep, but not unoccupied, unexpectedly appear in the scene of the gunplay, chased into a blind alley by a gang of gangsters holding a gun, at critical moment, a herd of ravenous wolves bring from behind the gangster, they holding in the mouth naping to live in gangster ferocious, suffocate them, approach to me step by step thereafter. Just take off the tiger's mouth, meet wolf's cave again. Whether I am rich in the adventurous spirit, why always put oneself in the dangerous condition. Retreat while thinking. Suddenly, evil wolf soar, jump up, open blood basin old mouth fly at me, I can see clearly wolf corner of the mouth blood of gangster under of dripping nearly. I wake suddenly, have turned over a body, it seems that it is apt to dream to lie prone to sleep, apt to have horrible nightmares.

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